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C Howell Unit 1

Page history last edited by Caleb Howell 11 years, 4 months ago

Pre-test design assignment:


Open a new file 8.5X11” in Illustrator.  Organize the page into a design that exhibits balance.  You may use any of the tools that have been demonstrated in class.  You may use the text tool, but you may not use complete words, name or initials in order.  Text may only be used as an abstracted or hard to recognize shape or line.  Good luck, Explore, Have fun and USE ALL OF THE TIME PROVIDED!!!  If you find a solution you like early and have additional time, save it and try something completely different.
This is a pre-test.  It is meant to gauge your level of prior knowledge on the topic of compositional balance.  Pre-tests do not affect your grade in any way, but are useful in demonstrating your growth on a given topic.  In a few weeks you will be given a similar activity that is meant to quantify that growth.  Please do not worry if you do not know the exact answer to what is asked today.  Answer as completely as you can and do your best.



Using complete sentences please define the following concepts:



Is the equality of something on each side. 

Symmetrical balance:

Is the equality on each side of the line of symmetry. 

Approximate Symmetry:

A guess of how equal you think things are. 

Radial Symmetry:

A guess of how equal you think things are.. 

Asymmetrical balance:

 Equality through out your artwork.

balance -the arrangement of one or more elements to create equality. Can be divided into two categories formal balance ( symmetrical balance, approximate symmetry, and radial symmetry) or informal balance ( asymmetrical balance).           symmetrical balance(formal) -both sides of the vertical axis are the same.               
approximate symmetry(less formal)-making sure that the forms are almost the same on both sides of the vertical axis.                             
radial symmetry -repeated design elements radiating equally from the central point of a piece of design, object or artwork.                     


asymmetrical balance -an irregular placement of design elements so that the format is filled but lacks an even distribution.               




Which of type of balance does your design exhibit?

i feel like my design exhibits all of them except asymmetrical balance because throughout my artwork i tried to have everything evolving around a line of summitry.

Explain how you organized the elements to create balance in your piece (offer at least 3 specific details from your work)?

i designed it using a line of symmetry. used the same colors. used the same shapes.


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